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The Materials PANDORA is Made With

PANDORA was created with a simple idea in mind:

"Offer women across the world a universe of high quality, hand crafted, modern, genuine jewelry at an affordable price."

Here you will find more information on materials used to make PANDORA jewelry. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via live chat, phone, or email.


All PANDORA gold jewelry is made from either 14 or 18 karat gold. Each individual item will state which purity the gold is. 18 karat gold contains 75% gold, and 14 karat gold contains 58.5% gold.

Items listed as 18K White Gold contain 75% gold, with the remaining 25% a mixture of Silver and Palladium. These pieces are then given a Rhodium finish, which enhances their shine and brilliance. Palladium and Rhodium are both members of the Platinum family of precious metals.

Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by weight of silver and 7.5% by weight of other metals. The sterling silver standard has a minimum millesimal fineness of 925 and is hallmarked with 925 to represent this. All PANDORA silver jewelry is produced in 925 sterling silver.


PANDORA uses round-cut diamonds, and clear diamonds are of G/H color and VS clarity. The Black Diamond, also known as Carbonado, has a natural color of black or gray. It is a polycrystalline diamond found in alluvial deposits in the Central African Republic and Brazil.

Murano Glass

Each of PANDORA's Murano glass charms are individually hand crafted. The glass, from Murano Italy, has natural variations in color from lot to lot. Variations in the temperature that the glass in crafted in, air quality, and relative humidity can change the density and refractive nature of the glass. This variation in color and appearance is normal and reflects the hand craft involved in producing these items.


The pearls in PANDORA's jewelry are fresh-water pearls, which means they are cultivated. Pearls are cultivated by gently inserting an object into a freshwater mussel, which then begins creating layers of black mother of pearl around the object until a pearl is formed.


Nanocrystals combine the valuable properties in crystal and glass. This man-made material have been developed and used in the jewelry industry because the uniformly colored transparent glass-ceramic materials are quite hard at the same time replicate the optical characteristics of some commonly used gemstones.

Nanocrystals gets its name from the nanosized crystals they contain and can be produced in various colors depending on their chemical composition. While nanocrystals represent naturally occurring minerals, the the complete composition differs from naturally occurring gemstones, thus they are considered simulants of gemstones, not synthetics.

Other Metals

In general, PANDORA mixes pure silver or gold with alloy purchased from some of the world's largest providers of metal alloys.

Each of these alloys is certified by the supplier not to contain nickel, cadmium or other metals potentially recognized as toxic or allergenic.

These alloys and their composition are both uniform and common among most jewelry manufacturers.


Wood Beads are created in collaboration with the Rainforest Protection Initiative, which has a mission of helping the environment by protecting endangered rainforests. Wood Beads are produced in accordance with the Canopy Wood Code of Conduct for sustainable and responsible forest as well as the FSC standards.


PANDORA buys from FSC suppliers who follow the Canopy Wood Code of Conduct, and supports ideas and values such as:

  • Prohibition of the conversion of forest or any other natural habitat.
  • Respect for international workers' rights.
  • Prohibition of use of hazardous chemicals.
  • Respect for human rights, with particular attention to indigenous people.

By supporting these principals, PANDORA contributes to responsible forest management for the benefit of future generations.


PANDORA Jewelry only uses genuine stones with one exception - the zirconia, which is a synthetic diamond-like stone sought after because of its bright, sparkling appearance.


A number of rings, charms, earrings and necklaces are listed as being "cabochon". A cabochon simply means that the stone has been shaped and polished as opposed to being faceted. A cabochon will have a convex top and a flat bottom. Shaping a stone as cabochon is used when dealing with an opaque stone, while facetting is normally used for transparent stones.


PANDORA cotton string are 100% cotton with wax coating and 14K gold endings. Natural man-made fibers may change appearance when worn.


PANDORA fabric strings are made of 100% synthetic fibers, with 925 sterling silver endings. The product may change appearance when being worn.


PANDORA watches were made in Switzerland and come equppided with official Swiss Made movements. A rose-cut Black Diamond is featured on the crown every PANDORA Watch.


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