My Magical Unicorn Pandora Me Dangle

Sterling Silver My Magical Unicorn Pandora Me Micro Dangle - 798360

Our Pandora Me collection inspires the spirit of self-expression and represents the many things that make you, you. Hand-finished from responsibly sourced sterling silver that's been polished to a high shine, this dangle charm is shaped as the mythical unicorn.

The reversible design has beaded details on the back. Whatever it means to you - childhood nostalgia, fairy tale nature or spirit animal - wear it on the collection's bracelets or safety pin brooch as a reminder to always be yourself - unless you can be a unicorn.

Please note: Wear Pandora Me micro dangles only on Pandora Me bracelets. They are not compatible with the classic Pandora bracelets or other collections.

Price: $20

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